The unspoken aim of all photography is to produce an image which is, in a sense, final. Whether the image is captured or created (the old 'take a picture' vs 'make a picture') seems to be of little significance. While room for interpretation is present by virtue of there being a viewer, as with all essentially one-way forms of communication, the photographer implicitly attempts to present said viewer with as complete a work as possible, a work which complies to the greatest possible extent with his or her initial vision, if the communication is to be at all successful. Despite any and all attempts at presenting a work which is complete, a photograph may of course inspire innumerable interpretations.
This exhibition project is an experiment. By moving the creator/viewer boundary significantly in the viewer's direction, it provides the viewer with the opportunity not only to interpret, but to participate in the creation. By selecting a series of images which may be viewed as inherently incomplete, the photographer invites the viewer to provide, rather than merely witness, a significant part of the experience. By sharing fleeting flights of fancy, fragments of forgotten dreams, I am asking the viewer to participate, to consider the absence of completeness as a source of inspiration. To look outward and inward. To complete, in any one of a multitude of manners, an image which speaks to them -- of their own half-remembered dreams, of half-forgotten memories.

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